Civil And Criminal Trial Lawyers In South Texas

It does not matter who you are, legal issues will arise at some point in your personal or professional life. Criminal charges can be devastating for your professional career. A lawsuit can bring your small business to financial ruin. A car accident may cause a permanent disability, leaving you unable to work.

When you are facing a criminal court case or a civil trial, you need an attorney with a high level of experience dealing with criminal defense and business litigation cases. You deserve a lawyer who will fight aggressively for you and your personal or business interests.


We are Dedicated to Our Clients.


The Law Office of Benigno (Trey) Martinez is a team of skilled trial lawyers dedicated to smart, aggressive and strategic advocacy. Our practice areas include complex personal injury and wrongful death claims, construction defect, commercial and business litigation, and criminal defense. 



The Law Offices of Benigno Trey Martinez litigates all types of civil and criminal cases throughout the Rio Grande Valley. With more than 20 years of combined litigation experience, our professional team of lawyers works together to obtain the best possible results before, during or after your trial, whether we spend one day or two months in court.

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